An average day’s worth of straight men in Amiyah Scott’s mentions. It’s one thing to dislike someone and to talk about them, but to go into their mentions?

They’re obsessed.

This is so terrifying

This is so disgusting…

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~ SIGNAL BOOST: AMBER Alert (missing child) for Georgia [Nationwide Alert]




Maliah Harris (2 years-old)

  • 2002 Pontiac Aztec, Brown or black
    Georgia license plate #PGR7927

A Levi’s Call has been activated on behalf of the Mississippi Highway Patrol for Maliah Harris. She was abducted on 04-23-2014 at 5:35 a.m. by Donald Boyd Harris and Allison Kaye Studdard. All subjects were last seen in Caledonia, MS possibly heading Eastbound. The suspects and child are believed to be traveling in a 2002 brown or black Pontiac Aztec with GA Tag PGR7927. This child is believed to be in extreme danger. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Maliah Harris please contact 911 or Media Contact Warren Strain at 601-850-9310 or the Mississippi Highway Patrol at 855-642-5378.

If you have information, contact:

Mississippi Highway Patrol
Call: 855-642-5378 or 911

Missing child

Maliah Harris

  • Age now: 2 years-old
  • Sex: Female
  • Skin: White
  • Hair: Blonde


Donald Boyd Harris

  • Age now: 34 years-old
  • Sex: Male
  • Skin: White
  • Hair: Dark
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches
  • Weight: 201 pounds
  • Description: Donald’s date of birth is 12/21/1979.

Allison Kaye Studdard

  • Age now: 31 years-old
  • Sex: Female
  • Skin: White
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Weight: 105 pounds
  • Description: Allison’s date of birth is 02/03/1983.

What is an AMBER alert?

An AMBER Alert is a rapid notification system to alert the public and solicit their assistance when a child has been abducted and is facing grave danger. The U.S. Department of Justice recommends the following criteria for issuing an AMBER Alert: 1) There is reasonable belief by law enforcement an abduction has occurred; 2) The abduction is of a child age 17 years or younger; 3) The law-enforcement agency believes the child is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death; 4) There is enough descriptive information about the victim and abduction for law enforcement to issue an AMBER Alert to assist in the recovery of the child. Source: missingkids.com




porn always ends up on your dash

it doesn’t matter if you only follow disney blogs

you will get porn on your dash

"In San Francisco last year, a man stabbed a woman in the face and arm after she didn’t respond positively to his sexually harassing her on the street.

In Bradenton, Fla., a man shot a high school senior to death after she and her friends refused to perform oral sex at his request.

In Chicago, a scared 15-year-old was hit by a car and died after she tried escaping from harassers on a bus.

Again, in Chicago, a man grabbed a 19-year-old walking on a public thoroughfare, pulled her onto a gangway and assaulted her.

In Savannah, Georgia, a woman was walking alone at night and three men approached her. She ignored them, but they pushed her to the ground and sexually assaulted her.

In Manhattan, a 29-year-old pregnant woman was killed when men catcalling from a van drove onto the sidewalk and hit her and her friend.

Last week, a runner in California — a woman — was stopped and asked, by a strange man in a car, if she wanted a ride. When she declined he ran her over twice.

FUCK YOU if you think that street harassment is a “compliment” or “no big deal” or that it’s “irrational” of us to be afraid because “what’s actually gonna happen.” Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you some more."





Featured in Top ten of People’s Most Beautiful, 2014.#1 #4 #7  #10


Look at all this wonderful melanin

I’m going to cry…